Guitar Lessons for Beginners in 21 days #1 | How to play guitar for beginners

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Guitar Lessons for Beginners in 21 days #1 | How to play guitar for beginners

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  1. Have had sort of a go at the guitar a few times, only to give up because I didn't like the feeling of the strings digging into my fingers while holding my hand in that angle.

    Have had this old guitar sitting there for a good while now, and as I am growing increasingly fond of the sound of blues/bluegrass/country/folk kind of thing, I finally said "okey, let's just learn this!"
    Got myself a set of new strings, replaced them all and tuned them as best I could by ear (and youtube), and have to say it does not actually sound that bad.. for a total beginner anyways, so sort of proud of that.
    Going to try and stick to this 20minutes minimum a day and see what happens.

  2. I don't have a electric guitar

  3. Hey , First off, Thank you very much for your video. We have been following it for about a week now and are stoked about the results.

    We have downloaded your link but cannot open it for some reason. Is there any other way you could send us that document?

    This might be a shot in the dark, but I thought it might pay off since I assume we will continue following you.

    Thanks Teach,


  4. Christopher Giulianelli

    You don't have what it takes I am a better teacher.

  5. I don't know what the word is but I can play with both my left and right hand so I guess I'm lucky but I play with my right mostly since when I watch videos of how to do something on the guitar they mostly are right handed and it's easier me to picture where my hand needs to be

  6. it really helps me big time..thanks. …I did finished my day 10th and can't find the succeeding days lesson.

  7. This guy could be a meme… imagine a picture of him sitting there with the words "go ahead and loop that" splayed across the top and bottom.

  8. John calvin Velasco

    i really don't get it…does that mean i really suck at guitar?

  9. sir its a really helpful video thnxx now I HV really enjoyed playing guitar u r too good thnxx

  10. I think the egg would crack in my wrist

  11. happy little phil

    This may be a dumb question, but im a beginner. And i have a hard time with my fingers, and when i try to do certain chords my other fingers arent pressing hard enough on the strings, or my fingers touch different strings. Is this usual for beginners? has anyone else done this too? its a stupid question i know.

  12. Govind Yatnalkar

    You are the best sir…surely learnt a lot in a day than I learnt in month!!!! Thnx a lot sir!!!!!

  13. What is this he doesn't even say what peg turned is higher or how low!!WHAT IS THIS!{pretty good)

  14. thanks a lot for sharing… It is so helpful :)

  15. how do you play guitars

  16. Happy birthday to you cha cha chocolate happy birthday to you happy birthday to you cha cha chocolate

  17. stick with this lesson! beginner or not. This is for you. if your dedicated to guitar you have to try this!!

  18. Awesome thanks for the free lessons !!! I have bought a guitar a year ago and never learned XD 21 DAYS !!!

  19. I have been taking lessons with you and I loooove it. but I tried multiple times to download the songs, but it won't let me :(

  20. annoying

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