Guitar Lessons For Dummies Beginner Week 1 Lesson 1 A FREE 12 Week Guitar Course at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Video lessons, tab, more.


  1. Not for dummies.


  3. Today...Enjoy, Yourself!

    Thanks for being basic. I have fat fingers and just using one finger per fret is great!

  4. Can I use my pinky instead of my ring finger?

  5. emmalee gamble coward

    U r a dummie and i wantend to say that and i did not wach the video

  6. Your dumb get a haircut you hippie

  7. Good lesson. thank you John travolta

  8. oye you youtuber you must be a dummy because i'm sure you was a begginer so because people are beginers doesn't mean they're dumb but it does for u though

  9. Kake Cannibal A.D.D

    I'm not a dummy, I shouldn't be watching this, I already know this, I just want to learn X-kid

  10. where are the rest of the lessons , link dosn't work for me.

  11. dont forget to be realistic – you must put in a bit of work whichever method you choose for becoming a guitarist
    I've been studying learning guitar and discovered an awesome website at Guitar Guru Method (google it if you are interested)

  12. Beginners can't even spread their fingers two frets.

  13. thank you!

  14. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about good online guitar courses try Elumpa Simple Guitar Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it. 

  15. I hope this helps:)

  16. thanks for getting me restarted and playing again.

  17. honeyNsugarbear avery

    I must be the dumbest musician alive because this really sucks. I have mastered my wind and brass instruments but this guitar this isnt working for me. But, I am determined to get this.

  18. irisisthis, your not and idiot , just a challenge thats all practice 1hour a day to learn practice 4 and be good paractice 8 hours and you will be the players you want to be

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