Guitar Lessons – Sublime – Badfish – How to Play Reggae Guitar on Acoustic by Marty Schwartz



  1. I just started playing Christmas 2017. I have learned sooooo much from your videos! You make it easy to learn and always doing great songs! I have had people completely blown away with the progress over just 1 month of playing! Between my brother (he plays) and you I am on my way to jamming out! Thank you for these videos brother!

  2. GOD Marty!

  3. There ain't nun free about his website


    i'm glad your a guitar player and not a surfer… surf looked flat and terrible and i'm trying to learn this song. Thanks for the video dude. Nowell and his figgin reggae stylee. gotta love it. kinda hard to learn tho.

  5. How To Play Reggae

    Good lesson! Just do the down stroke on the 2nd and 4th beat in the bar and up on the others and you are good to go really.

  6. dude your my hero

  7. this nigga look like he got yelled at buy his chick so he like sqrew you im going out here to make a video for me real friends!

  8. can you please do an advanced lesson for closer to the sun by slightly stoopid

  9. bar chords are more easy then I thought

  10. I want to give you my sunglasses so bad

  11. thanks again marty mcfly mcdooglestein

  12. Marty, would love it if u could post how to play slightly stoopid-the prophet

  13. please god stop making videos you are so terrible and making everyone worse at guitar. feel bad for anyone who clicks on ur steaming pile of videos for the first time wanting to learn

  14. It was awesome! well done.

  15. Απόστολος Δεκατρείς

    Wow, I cannot bar a chord for nothing. I quit.

  16. You should do 40oz to freedom

  17. Marty seems a nice guy, but this is not really reggae, and most reggae fans could hear from the way it's being played. If you really want to know how to play reggae, look for the musicians with the Dreads! There is Tuff Lion or Steve Golding for instance. After all you wouldn't go to a chiropractor to get your teeth fixed. One of the keys to reggae is the limited use of the upstroke, it's usually not much more than clicking the e string, and most reggae tunes don't even do that. Listen to Marley Tosh Toots, etc and you will get a better understanding of how to play it properly. Otherwise you could end up sounding like Typically Tropical, I'm Going to Barbados, or even worse, the BBC orchestra trying to play Uptown Top Ranking for Althea and Donna on Top of the Pops. Check them out, they are seriously embarrassing. Anyway, good luck everyone with your reggae playing. One Love.

  18. This is a truly terrible lesson that showcases exactly how not to play reggae on guitar and teaches the changes to badfish poorly. good luck marty

  19. need a bit more on how to play chords. like which finger should be on strings

  20. Took me a little bit to teach my left hand that it is ok to press the chord when the right hand strokes up… I got it tho, and it sounds great!

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