Guitar Lessons – Trouble – Cat Stevens – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial

Free lessons not on youtube and an Ebook!!!
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  1. Don't drive over a cliff now………….

  2. Your teaching style is exactly like my learning style.

  3. I know cat stevens tunes his guitar down  1 half step, and plays in G, so it up to you what ever way you want to play it, the chords are simple when playing 1 half step down.

  4. hi, I was wondering if you could please teach us "If I laugh" by Cat Stevens, it has a great melody

  5. You are such a legend thank yeewww xx

  6. Claudia Venegas

    thanks, greetings from Chile

  7. Claudia Marchant


  8. You are a great teacher! Very, very talented!

  9. Great classic hit this is. Thanks Marty!

  10. betzaleldaniel

    It was recorded a half a tone higher!?

  11. etien queensberry

    fuck yeh i sing my chords too groovy as anythang congrats instent fan ,

  12. love this song Marty, thanks for the video

  13. How have I missed this ?!?!?!? LOVE your lessons, Marty da Man… and Cat's my very fav ! I've always said if I could learn to play one of his songs well, I'd believe I could actually play. THE WIND, please !! I have the chords, but can't figure out the picking, which is critical to that song !

  14. Sweet! That is a fun song to play.
    Thank you Marty!

  15. Cool Pendleton

  16. Isn't there a descending sequence in the song? Right after the Bb chord?

  17. Useless, no…perhaps you found it boring and irritating. Whatever happened to people learning how to play, instead of relying on being spoon-fed?

  18. Thank you so much. You are fantastic at instructing. refreshingly clear and patient.

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