Guitar Rhythm and Lead Ideas For Improvising – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EP320

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn several rhythm and lead fills that you can use when improvising. This lesson is designed to help get you out of the “scale” box and start thinking about how to play embellishments around chords

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  1. EmanuelePietro Buscemi


  2. Doesn't get much sweeter than that Brian!

  3. Hi Brian!!
    Which microphone are you using?
    Good lesson!!

  4. Great lesson. Is that a Sigma guitar?

  5. I swear I hear some leads that resembled The Allman Brothers Band, especially when you went higher on the fretboard.

  6. Sounds awesome and makes me feel good…very similar to Don Felder style playing.

  7. Most tutorials teach us how to play a song. You teach us how to play the guitar, as well as the song.

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    Awesome lesson, Brian. Thank you very much for simplifying the guitar playing.

  9. Playin that guitar
    Like ringin a bell

  10. Great lesson Brian. I love the lessons where getting to the chord shape / triad and noodling out fill licks takes priority over playing a precise melody, note for note. When you’re in a jam, that’s the reality, right? You’re trying to remember the chords and chord changes more so than an exact melody line. This lesson teaches how to move around on a G chord, then switch to playing over a C chord, Am, etc. As this becomes 2nd nature, then you can start to design specific melodies, right? So practical!

    Folks, I’m at my one year anniversary with AM. Best thing I ever did for guitar.

  11. To me the song is an acoustic country blues in the Allman Brothers Band vein… Well done catchy tune.. Thanks so much…

  12. Awesome

  13. Nashville huh? Are u a session player there Brian? In a band? Gotta b, you’re too good

  14. What a lovely tune.. great stuff Brian.

  15. Maybe a little Allman Brothers esque. I like it!

  16. That was very jerry garcia/ fishish…….Thank you

  17. Another beautiful lesson, Brian. I've been a subscriber for years. Have you ever thought of writing and releasing your own songs?

  18. If I were a guy looking for the best guitarist for my band I be bangn on your door …you're the kinda guy that brings out everyone else's A game …. I'll sign up after I get back from NYC around the 24 or maybe the first … but you got me. I'm in

  19. Another good lesson.Im glad I signed up.Thanks for your time coming up with this.

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