Guitar Strumming Secrets EXPOSED!

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  1. YOUR SUCH A NATURALLY GREAT INSTRUCTOR….I've been in 5000 PLUS technical classes (at lease ) over my LONG lifetime ….you're EASILY in the TOP 3~5% of instructors. And you have a whole long life ahead of you… you are indeed … a FORTUNATE SON ….. with that awesome SKILL SET of yours.
    THANKS Much….. (And I still don't know your name I'm sorry to say).

  2. Really helpfull….

  3. You are a gifted teacher! Thank you.

  4. Mebankyrshan kharsati

    My best youtube teacher. Thanks sir for your video

  5. I'll buy my guitar tomorrow. …

  6. One of best video for strumming. tq

  7. Sir I have gone through the small chords EPA lesson. Your method of teaching is very good, I really appreciate it. I have been able to complete this lesson, the teaching method is unique and it is really helping a beginner like me. I don't know about the future lessons, but till now it has been great.

  8. I have joined the monthly plan today and gone through the chords lessons. He explains in simple steps, he breaks down the whole subject in to small parts, He is a very good instructor.

  9. The method of teaching step by step, in small steps is such great method of teaching. Your are a very good intructor.

  10. Thank you for this video…. I'm trying to learn your strumming….thanks again and Godbless

  11. Thank you sir

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    I would find it more helpful if you would go from slow to fast using both your arrows and you playing, a little faster each time…you lost me a few times between slow and fast…

  13. Thanks for your lessons. It's really useful for me.

  14. Does a electric guitar sound like that when not connected to an amplifier.

  15. Lol Irish death it !

  16. Ericka May Zorilla

    Thanks for this guitar strumming lesson.

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