Guitar Techniques – Vibrato [Hand Movement] – Guitar Lesson [TE-103]

In this guitar lesson we’ll be looking at vibrato, specifically the one where you use hand movement for the technique which is the most commonly used type and imho should be the first type that you learn!

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  1. I just cannot do this. When I put my fingers on the fretboard, moving my wrist does absolutely nothing. I can only make the bend by moving my fingers. Please please help, my vibrato is so bad. I can play some pretty intermediate stuff but when vibrato comes in, I have to fake it.

  2. Bluenose Mass Media

    I'll never heard vibrato done correctly until Clapton in 1966, the most beautiful vibrato I had ever heard

  3. Brilliant lesson…loved it.Thanks

  4. I hàve dyslexia and think Himi Jendrix hàd awesome vibrato.

  5. Screws up my fingers, but I learned it. Great tutorial, as usual. Keep it up.

  6. subscribed!, thanks for the pivot tip, now i learn how to bend better

  7. Thanks!

  8. The struggle is getting real as it gets closer to knot. Maybe I should lower my gauge? Or it's just a practice?

  9. Manfred Kleinschmidt

    How about the pinki? How can it works?

  10. my nail (what's left of it which virutaly nothing) always catches the next string.

  11. Lefteris raptopoulos

    4:10 Depth and Speed

  12. You only talk ….

  13. Anyone else have a younger Norm McDonald vibe from this guy?

  14. Justin,
    It’s funny you have us start with pulling down, which is a heck of a lot easier and more natural for me, than to bend upwards at first.
    I realize there are many ways to do vibrato but unless it’s in the first string, I believe I’ll use this technique.

  15. is it okay if i bend the string in the opposite way?

  16. The anchoring around the neck really helped me get better sounds. I was using the floating technique

  17. Very helpful, great lesson to clarify an ambiguous technique.

  18. thanks, great explanation.

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