Gulabi Ankhen | Guitar Chords | Atif Aslam | Easy Lesson

Gulabi Ankhen | Guitar Chords | Atif Aslam | Easy Lesson

Its the only platform for all music lovers especially guitar lovers to demand your songs and get complete guitar lesson for it.

Stay Demanding, keep playing guitar.


  1. love u play song

  2. Rotten ?? Sade hue? Why this name? Please educate me

  3. Well played and please play Tu nazm nazm sa at next

  4. Shubu Jai Mahakaali

    vry nic sis bhot accha play krr rhe ho

  5. Which guitar u use

  6. Osam…

  7. Aman your voice is sweet and thank's for help me

  8. tutorial of breathless-shankar mahadevan on guitar

  9. Himesh Mohite keyboardist


  10. Saurabh kumar Verma

    If you don't mind I am ask you ?

  11. Aap aap ke avaj ko jo chord Mach hoti he vo bajate ho par har ekk ka avaj aapki tarah ni hotaa na

  12. Chords is not original

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