Guns N’ Roses – November Rain Acoustic Demo – Guitar Lesson – WITH TABS

A video demonstrating how to play Guns n Roses November Rain Acoustic Guitar Demo from the re-release of Appetite For Destruction.

This acoustic demo of November Rain was recorded even before Guns N Roses first album was released and was originally played on a 12 string. You can hear from listening to the backing track that it’s not of the best quality and has been damaged because it’s not even in standard tuning or dropped half a step as Guns N Roses usually played in. This version has now been released again on the massive 4CD re-release of Appetite For Destruction.

If you listen very carefully to the official release of the song on Use Your illusion 1 you will hear that Slash still plays these same guitar parts but at a much higher tempo.

I have also included the tabs to this November Rain Guitar Lesson in the last section of the video.

For the second and third parts of this November Rain Acoustic Demo guitar lesson I have re-tuned the guitar back to EbAbDbGbBbEb for ease of playing along and because Guns N Roses usually played in this tuning.

The equipment I used to record this song was a Washburn Acoustic guitar and an iPhone sound recorder.

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  1. Its beautiful… I'd love to see you playing november rain from hardfort in 93 …

  2. Great version.
    -From Brazil.

  3. wonderful!!!!!!

  4. Muito bom!

  5. Subbed

  6. Masterpiece <3

  7. I love this version

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