Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Intro & Intro Solo

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Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown
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  1. patrick williams

    For the ones who think it's too hard : to learn this one you have to go very slowly at the beginning it took me 3 weeks of 2hrs per day playing very slowly more slowly than he shows us and speeding it up when i feel ready. So don't give up taking your time is the key !

  2. Hi, I really like this lesson. Im stuck at 10:35… can you tell which strings you're strumming for the the C power chord? You say 5th fret on two middle strings, but that leaves 2nd string open which as far as I know makes that a C minor? Sorry, Im a newb

  3. Thanks.

  4. Ты можешь это делать помедленнее? Я не успеваю, ты снимал это для обучения или для того чтобы выебнуться?

  5. please tell how do You get this sound of distortion on 9:48 and later….

  6. Kelly Cristina

    best chanel

  7. I have the same guitar

  8. Can you make a close up performance of yourself doing this song?

  9. came here, found too hard then I gave up, then saw this /watch?v=IjLmqfU8uHo then I decided to come back here

  10. 2:21 "That'll take us.." To Paradise City?!? 😀

  11. can I play it on acoustic?

  12. I feel so uncomfortable playing upstrokes picks but with downstrokes it sound weiird :c

  13. I know this is a late comment…. but how do you get such a les paul-ish sound on your strat.

  14. FluffFaceProductions

    Hey guys, is this Slash' part as me and a mate are learning it and i have the tab for izzy?
    Cheers 😀

  15. At 9:40ish, when you switch to the distortion, what are the amp settings you use? I am brand new to the electric and know very little about this stuff. Thanks in advance.

  16. Thanks very informative

  17. You are a great player, a great teacher and a great person!! Thank you so much for what you do: you allow us to get a dream playing our favourite riff and solos!! Tantissime grazie!!

  18. what distorsion do you use?

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