Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City – How to Play on guitar – Guitar Lesson tutorial

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Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty!!! yeah yeeeeeahhhhhhhh!!!

Hope you enjoy the lesson, thanks for liking and sharing the videos and spreading the good vibes!!!

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  1. shreejan sharma

    In my place-Coldplay

  2. Marty, can you play thunderstruck by AC/DC plz

  3. No such thing as talent. Every musician puts in YEARS of work. Not a drop of talent is given to ANYONE

  4. everytime I try to play the high part I get confused and start playing sweet child o mine

  5. I need ur help :/ epiphone les paul plustop pro or epiphone Les paul tribute 1960s black cherry ? what's better for guns n roses

  6. armandorada rada

    dudeee you miss so many notesss it hurts!!!

  7. Is it just me or do I like this song in standard tuning better

  8. MosquitoGaming 1

    Awesome man

  9. that was so awesome but why do you not use a reverb pedal?

  10. Louis Sanderson

    That is a super delicious les paul

  11. SHoKK The Snazzy Banisher

    Please, please do Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance

  12. Fretboard looks thirsty 😉

  13. do a tutorial for lazy eye by silver sun pickups

  14. the picking at 6:49 was very unclear i cant figure it out from just humming

  15. I'm pretty sure the chorus is supposed to be played on the neck pickup.

  16. Henrique Spinola

    you're welcome

  17. Hassan Doherty

    thx man this helped Soooo much

  18. Marty, you made the intimidating song very simplified. Thank you man. You seem to have great heart dude.

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