Guns N' Roses Sweet Child Of Mine Intro Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Ooooooooh sweet child of miiiine. That’s right – today we’re tackling the classic intro guitar riff for Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine!

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  1. Christian Enriquez

    Please do lessons on “Until It Sleeps” & “Bleeding Me” by Metallica, Marty!!!!

  2. review time/ Lazaro Lopez

    Can you please do hey bulldog by the beatles

  3. AWSOME and you make it look easy Marty! PLEASE do parts 2 and 3 to the solos of this song.

  4. Yessss finally man thank u so much but i would to finsih learning the rest of the song some time but im happy with this for now thank you

  5. I would love to do a lesson with u in person ur so good at guitar

  6. Does he use a wah pedal for the intro? I remember hearing that somewhere.

  7. Why only intro are you not skilled enough? Lol jk great vid already knew this riff though

  8. Finally you did it good job

  9. Can you do a jethro tull lesson

  10. Please do the solo part marty

  11. Hey marty you should do a New Years shave like dad does he doesn't shave for the last week of December and on the 1st he shaves the whole thing off and goes back to the normal routine. other than that Please keep up with the AMAZING teaching.
    Cheers Marty

  12. Rocking into the new year with you, Marty!!

  13. ik how to play this… what am i doing here

  14. Do have a lesson on layla I would really like to see that you play great

  15. Slash's warm up routine

  16. Do dripped out by quando rondo!!

  17. Can you please make a lesson of the solo? I need the cool solo, i can everything in this song but not the solo, i have tried to learn but everyone is bad, you are the best learner ever!

  18. Holy moly this is recent! I'm glad, I'm in a band class that'll be performing this 🙂

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