Guthrie Trapp – How To Develop Melodic Phrasing Over Chord Changes – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. I know its probably boring for you guys to play basic melodies but it starts to make so much sense to me. so thanks for that. .i really want to do what you guys are doing . Cheers, and thanks tons

  2. First off, it is an honor to learn guitar from you two guys. Learning the Cage System changed my playing completely, you guys are the definition of pros. And secondly…. Guthrie's G lick into the A flat at the end killed me, must have watched it 30 times, can't stop laughing. Thanks so much you guys.

  3. Excellent sounds & fabulous classic guit-fiddles! It's great to mellow out & work out some unplugged glory!

  4. And I would like to say thanks Brett for having Guthrie on with you!!!

  5. Absolutely awesome brother!!! They are just filled with endless tons of knowledge about the neck!!! Can't say it enough thanks for posting the videos, they are short but very to the point!!! This has helped me tremendously!! Never stop learning !!!

  6. Acoustics..great!

  7. Thanks guys! Nice to see ya from Greece, so this Red haired boy got some learning to do!

  8. Great stuff .

  9. Ravi Neelakantan

    Guthrie is click bait.

  10. You guys are great for those of us who’ve been around awhile but fell into a ‘rut’. Thanks!

  11. This is the "best" team on the 'tube!!! P-stache is awesome and GT is THE best! A lot of the info is over my head but since watching Mr. Trapp I am definitely smarter today than I was yesterday.

  12. Grt lesson papa n guthrie; but if iam not wrong, u guys must b in the key of C, as G mixolydian cant b played over G based home key.

  13. I had hit the Thumbs Up button within the first minute. Awesome video!

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