Guthrie Trapp – How To Start To Get That Delta Blues Sound – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. beautiful stuff from Guthrie Trapp and Papa! A note for note lesson would be unbelievable

  2. Home Guitar Player

    Wow man, Guthrie has a great grasp of these things. Nashville has become the place to be musically, hasn't it Brett? Bet it's hard to think of heading back to California. This part of your playing journey is going to have deep effects on your playing moving forward I'm sure.
    The work you do to create these moments for us all here on the interwebs are much appreciated, thanks for bringing this stuff to us.

  3. Man O' man thanks to both of you guys Brett & Guthrie for this great lesson! Such great stuff, wish I could support both of you in your musical journey. But being an old codger with limited funds I can only do just so much. Just thank you, thank you, thank you guys! Such an inspiration to keep going!
    Dave in the Adirondacks

  4. Russ Kendrick Martin

    Guthrie reminds me of my Kindergarten teacher—He's got a way of slowing down some complex stuff and making it accessible to those of us who don't have his skill level! This is comparable to a magician giving away his tricks!

  5. Living in Santa Monica and my wife of from Nashville so all of this feels so close to home. Very cool. Thanks PS

  6. I’m convinced Guthrie’s L 00 is one of the best sounding small body guitars… it’s sounded brilliant in every video I’ve ever seen. It just rings everytime!

  7. Luv those old Gibsons

  8. Wow! Maybe the best blues guitar lesson on the internet. Thanks so much! Sneaky feeling I am going to be wearing this video out haha

  9. I always learn something new when I watch Guthrie play.
    Thanks Guthrie and Brett! Merci pour tes videos Brett toujours au top ….

  10. Escape the Matrix

    Every time I feel like I'm making a little progress, I listen to Guthrie play and it sets me back 2 years. I think Guthrie has trick guitars with special notes. He's not a guitarist, he's an illusionist. See if he can pull a rabbit out of that guitar. The damn rabbit can probably play better than me, too.

  11. Now we know what Robert Johnson learned at the Crossroads. Brett and Guthrie scored us the real deal without even requiring a contract for our souls! (-"You've got a friend in the 'devil business'".)

  12. Thanks guys!!! I can't remember who said it blues is the roots everything else is the fruits!

  13. You two guys jamming it’s awesome . Hugs from Brazil

  14. Great lesson and playing. Thanks guys!

  15. Dang i wanna do that!

  16. This vid is awesome!! Thank you fellows!!!

  17. Damn that’s good!

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