Gypsy Waltz Guitar Lesson – Minor Key Blues Guitar Lesson – EP154

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In this guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to play an old fiddle tune called the Gypsy Waltz. This is a classic minor key bluesy arrangement in G minor. You’ll learn how to play both the rhythm and leads for this.
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  1. Have you heard about gypsy jazz? You should check it out, it will help you develop a better understanding of the elements and idiosyncrasies of a piece like this. It is a wonderful and virtuosic style of music and I'm afraid you have missed an opportunity to really showcase that here. By the way, A7 is just a dominant substitution (in this case, the secondary of D7) which is used quite often by composers to disrupt the cliched dominant to tonic (or subdominant) movement. Actually, the 12 bar blues itself is an example of dominant substitution, albeit a little convoluted.

  2. Francisco Alcazar

    this was amazing. so much feel, emotion, i dont know. this is soo good

  3. TheShotgunMarriage

    More gypsy stuff!

  4. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

  5. One of your best leads!!! Beautiful!

  6. sam_miguel_da_povoa

    Muito bem!

  7. good

  8. J.eduardo S.molina

    congratulations!! I think this video is very didactic. It really encourages me to going on studying guitar and at the same way appreciating good musicThanks alot !!1

  9. EmanuelePietro Buscemi

    Good song and good performance.

  10. Do I see some Dorian notes in there???

  11. konstantinos polizois

    Where do I find the backing track…;;

  12. Really appreciate your teaching style and memorable melodies

  13. has a Waits vibe to it

  14. LondonLanguageLounge

    Could have come from Django Reinhardt maybe, sounds like him a little

  15. Love it!

  16. Tasty my friend. Tasty.

  17. Nice!

  18. hey Brian i'm brazilian and i really apreciate this video , your lessons are awesome, this is one of my favorite channel of YouTube. keep going with the excellent work !

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