Half The World Away – Guitar Lesson – Oasis – Drue James

Guitar tutorial to Half The World Away by Oasis.

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Keep on playing 🙂


  1. You just got another subbie…good job brother

  2. noel actually uses a capo on the 2nd fret which u didn't mention & he actually uses a D7 chord rather than the D.. but still an awesome tutorial thanks ☺

  3. Thank you so much, defiantly the best channel in terms of covering every basis in which you need to learn the song from timing and the strum pattern, great video.

  4. I just started guitar. I mostly listen to hip hop and electronic, but oasis got me into guitar. This video helped me realize that I dont suck at guitar because of my cheap guitar (less than 30 bucks), just that I need to keep practicing xDDDD

  5. Thanks Drue, you explained the strumming pattern really well!

  6. Next time try to smile

  7. Thanks for that

  8. Thanks

  9. RedDestroyer // Destroyer334

    you are the best teacher i've watched on youtube till now.. i watched another video and as a beginner it was very hard for me to play this song that i gave up..but this video rly made it much easier..Thanks for the video <3

  10. Daniel Gonçalves

    Thanks a lot mate

  11. lose the hat in the new videos.

  12. What guitar are u using drue ?

  13. to make it easier play a D7 instead of D then u don't have to move ur 1st finger


  15. Do you have the chords for this?

  16. Good singin

  17. Nice work drew.

  18. Good job man.had most of it,but you filled in the gaps.cheers

  19. have been playing for a while, but your goodbye eddy trick has really helped me to identify the strings so thank you!

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