Hallelujah Guitar Lesson (Part 1) – Jeff Buckley

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In this Hallelujah guitar lesson series, I will show you how to play all the guitar chords to this incredibly beautiful song as performed by Jeff Buckley.

“Hallelujah” was written and performed by Leonard Cohen and originally released on his 1984 album Various Positions. However, it is Jeff Buckley’s haunting cover of the song that is the most widely known, even reaching the top of the Billboard Hot Digital Songs charts in 2008 some 11 years years after Buckley’s tragic death.

Jeff Buckley was a great guitarist and singer. The guitar parts he plays in “Hallelujah” can be both simple yet effective, to intricate and contrapuntal.

As for the tuning, you will need to tune your guitar to standard tuning but place a capo at the 5th fret. I will then teach the lesson calling out the chords and frets as they are compared to the capo. This will make it a bit easier to follow for most people.

As I mention in the video lesson, Jeff Buckley’s picking patterns aren’t very consistent in much of the song. Because of that, it will be very difficult to get everything down note-for-note. Jeff Buckley himself probably wouldn’t be able to do that. There are a few sections where the picking is consistent, but for the most part, it will be about getting the right chords down, and then recreating the picking style that Buckley uses.

There will be two lesson videos. The first lesson will cover the intro and the verse and chorus sections. In the second video lesson I will demonstrate some of the features of the instrumental sections of the song to help you understand what is going on there.

Hope you guys enjoy this one! It has definitely been a very highly requested song here at GL365.



  1. Thank you!

  2. That intro is everything

  3. You are the man – can always count on you for the actual correct versions

  4. where is part 2?????

  5. Great three screen video! "He never does it the same way twice." Thanks. What amp are you using? Have you modified your strat? Great sound.

  6. I gotta say, I kinda get excited when I see you’ve put together a lesson of a song I’m interested in. You shed light on the subtleties and never simplify, which is cool. So, from catching Matt Bellamy solos to learning this beautiful work, and for all the reasons you already know, thanks man. It’s been a pleasure

  7. What guitar are u using in this. Also I’m new what effects are u using

  8. 10:09 for kind of demo of verse

  9. Are you going to come out with part 2? With the end part and everything?? Would love it if you did

  10. Thanks Carl, I will playing this in my church. Any Christians here pray for me.

  11. Matt Wilhelm School Assemblies

    Wow. This was sooooo helpful. Really nailed the vibe and all the intricacies and nuances that make this song great. THANK YOU.

  12. Flaco explicas cómo el reverendo ojete

  13. Love that this guy shows how to play the music as its supposed to be, but he needs to SLOW DOWN.

  14. i’m slightly confused, he says to play the em7 chord at the beginning but at 5:00 and in the intro, he’s just playing a regular e chord? is the b open or not?

  15. OH MY GOD finally an actual tutorial. not just from those fuckboys strumming the chords

  16. A tabsheet would be helpfull.

  17. Ufffffff….. !

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