Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen – Easy Acoustic Beginner Guitar Lesson (BS-801) How To Play

I heard there was a secret chord, so I thought I’d teach it to you 🙂 In this easy acoustic guitar lesson we’re learning Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, covered by Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright and many others.

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  1. BrazenSkateboarding

    definitely one of the best guitar teachers on youtube :D

  2. I think I enjoyed his chord song as much as the other haha. Good lesson!

  3. Nice song! :0)

  4. Beginner my ass……this is more like intermediate learning

  5. Thanks very much mate. Fantastic lesson.

  6. Great singing! Can see the stress on his face. Different from all his previous ones, in short he can sing anything.. :D. And guitar too.. as always!

  7. Joakim Gunnulfsen

    hi Justin!Im buying a Guitar next week and cant wait to learn to play it 🙂
    Im going to follow some of your videos because they are very detailed and good. Keep up the awesome work man! :DAnd thank you :)

  8. you dont strum when you play hallelujah you noob its finger style.

  9. Yo john tavolta, you have nice buttlips.

  10. can someone explain how he is doing his G chord in this song?  It doesnt look like the one I know

  11. Love this tutorial Ty Justin

  12. fantastic…. love your strumming thanks for sharing…

  13. +JustinGuitar  hey justin, what do you think about playing E7 instead of E min?
    To me it sounds good and gives a greater feeling of climax.
    Thanks in advance if you answer me :)

  14. thank you!! you're my favorite.

  15. Thumbs down guys we understand you are on professional level of music performance, high earners, composers, song writers, studio owners……….but they would never show thumb down on Justins lessons so piss off loosers!

  16. really got a nice male voice for this song 😛 really nice

  17. Can someone go over the chord progression and how man bars of each, I cant seem to get it. And can someone identify the verse and chorus. He's a great teacher but this song is really frustrating me

  18. Excellent!!

  19. You have such a cool singing voice man haha keep the lessons coming

  20. Just ordered your beginners book, fan from Australia! :)

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