Halsey -Without Me – Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)

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  1. Thanks for supporting MartyMusic http://www.MartyMusic.com

  2. Hey, Marty!! I was wondering, what kind of guitar you re using in this video?

  3. John prine egg and daughter night

  4. Marty do 'Oh no not you again' by Australian Crawl

  5. Can someone tell me what the strumming pattern is?

  6. candy shop ?

  7. PaviElle Williamson

    Is that a 814ce Deluxe Taylor-V Class?

  8. hey Marty, its been awhile. Glad to see you still at it. Just wanted to thank you for teaching me guitar back in the day. I've gone a long way.

  9. Larry The cable guy

    Marty my guy can you do how do you sleep – John Lennon

  10. Hey it also sounds good when you play a c instead of that a minor and use your pinky fot the 3rd b 🙂

  11. Can you do the solo of hotel California please?

  12. love this so much! can you please do picture frames by rei brown!

  13. Starlight by Slash

  14. Hey Marty I've been checking out a lot of Queen songs lately but I can't find anyone who does a good "Play the Game" electric lesson… any chance you could try it?

  15. Love the lessons and other videos.  could I request Fly off of the new Alice in Chains release.  Really dig the solo on there.  Thanks again!  m/ m/

  16. Love ❤️ Halsey super talented and beautiful sexy girl but what's the strumming technique for this song? Big fan Marty

  17. Hi Marty. I’ve just started watching your guitar beginner and started playing my guitar after I’ve been not interested in like a very long time.

    I was wondering if you’ll be doing intermediate guitar lessons in the future.

  18. Hey Marty 😀 Pleeaase do a tutorial on 'Itsumo Nando Demo' .. (the credits song of the studio ghibli film, Spirited Away) it's such a beautiful piece of music but I cant seem to get anywhere with the existing YouTube video's. I find the way you teach to be much more understandable in comparison to other tutorials. I would literally love you so much if you could as really badly want to be able to play such a beautiful melody. Love and Peace <3 x

  19. Sam Cooke bring it on home to me….easy chords PLEASE

  20. You should do a lesson on sweet Annie by the Zack brown band. I have been looking for a video for a long time and I just can't find one.

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