Hans Zimmer – Time (OST "Inception") │ Fingerstyle guitar

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Hans Zimmer – Time (OST “Inception”). Acoustic guitar arrangement.

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Переложение для гитары мелодии из фильма “Начало” (Incepiton) – Time (Hans Zimmer) в технике фингерстайл.

Использованное оборудование:

• Гитара Yamaha LS16
• Струны D’Addadio EJ11 (12-53)
• Аудио интерфейс Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
• Микрофоны AKG Perception 120 и 170
• Фотоаппарат Canon EOS 650D


  1. Super !!!

  2. C314 sweden

  3. dillion harper ???????????

    rpi murph 201-d02?

  5. I suggest listening to this with 1.25x

  6. Amazeballs

  7. To all of you coming here because you're depressed or just sad know that Jesus loves you and if you belive in him, repent and obey his comands the enternaty of joy and happines awaits you after this life. God bless!

  8. It's really good!

  9. Roman Marakhovsky

    Лайк за тельняшку!
    ЗЫ. Герр Циммер снимает шляпу!

  10. skinnymandan10

    красивая музыка!!

  11. Arnaud Landié

    Why 1k dislike ???

  12. Absolutely immense.

  13. Dustin и точка

    Просто огонь! Переслушиваю по 10 раз!

  14. Сергей Соболев

    Как вода. Мне же не показалось?…

  15. Play this while playing a slideshow of my life at my funeral. Play this when I get married. Play this when I need to stare out the bus window while on my way home, watching the sunset, thinking to myself, " I left the oven on."

    For real though, I think this is a beautiful version of the original song. Bravo.

  16. Martin Williams

    One word.. should sum it up without any other need of explanation, and that is this; Beautiful.

  17. Rodrigo Teixeira

    Wow, outstanding!!

  18. Gabriel Vergilio Barboza

    É a musica da minha vida

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