Happy Birthday (Beatles) Riff #11 Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Happy Birthday Riff Beatles

Happy birthday by the Beatles. This is a happy birthday lick.

Hey there, were gonna break this down. There are two guitar perks by the way in that Beatles songs and there is a higher version. I’m gonna show you one today that makes the most sense for acoustic guitar so if you wanna learn the other part there are plenty of videos on YouTube that you can check out. ____ 4:08 and it kinda depends on a little bit of amplification that really sounds good. This one sounds great, just as this…

It’s really a 12 bar blues type tone with a riff that goes through the whole tune. I’m gonna show you the riff first and then I’ll show you how to put it together into that 12 bar format. Let start off, were gonna hit the open A, by the way it’s in the key of A and I’d like to start by putting my first finger over the fourth and third string that’s the D string and the G string so let’s do this. I’ve got my first finger on the second fret and that’s the fourth and third string. I’m covering the E and the G string and I’ll start by hitting the open fifth string then twice the third finger goes over to the fourth fret now I’m going to the fourth string, pinky on the fifth fret fourth string, third finger back down to the second fret and then back to the fifth string so let’s do that again, try it with me now. Fifth string to start off third finger over to the fourth string, pinky, fourth fret, second and then back to the fifth – that’s the lick, that was the rhythm. Try that once with me, ready play it.

Now you’re gonna play that also on the fourth string so to do that you just move your first finger over and I’m covering the third and second strings now – that’s the fourth string, third string and then finally the one other place that you play it, is on the lowest strings. I’m gonna cover the second fret of the fifth and fourth strings, yeah I got that right. (strumming) that’s the fifth string back to the sixth string so its the open sixth and then it goes back to the same thing back to the key of A by the way, that’s the lick. Practice that lick and come on back and were gonna put it to the format so here we go 12-bar blues. It’s first A – 2- 3 and again 2 – 3 move over to the fourth string and then back to the fifth string. Now I’m going to the sixth string that’s an E and then back to the fifth string, this is it.

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