Harmonics for Bass Guitar Lesson – Natural Harmonics (L#75)

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This is the first of a four part series devoted to harmonics on bass guitar. I’ll be covering natural harmonics, pinched harmonics, tapped harmonics and looking at all the different ways they can be applied in our playing.

This lesson deals with natural harmonics on the bass guitar. Natural Harmonics are the simple overtones of one string that we use for tuning and other basic applications. But as you’ll see they can be really useful in a creative sense.

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  1. my 4 string bass is tuned in B instead of E. does that makes harder to play harmonics? is been very hard to me to even find them.

  2. hey.. i can only harmonic the 12 fret and the first one .. what am i doing wrong? (i rest my finger on the string and i also take it away the moment i "hit" the string.. but it is muting immediately)

  3. i need 2 git gud

  4. this guy is great, but are they putting a bunch of makeup on him or something, they need to cut it back, looks very strange, to each his own style, but I think they are doing something too much with makeup here. Great player nice guy.

  5. Hi Marc, what kind of string do you recommend for this technique? I use mediums that work well for slapping and popping but im having a lot of trouble getting these harmonics to ring out as cleanly as you have them. Is a lighter gauge of string better or does it just come down to practice?

  6. U r not just an excellent bassist but also a gr8 human being helping lots of bass players around the globe for free. Thank u

  7. What a intro to the video,excellent

  8. Fantastic lesson, thank you very much!!
    I was looking for the detailed lessons on harmonics, just like yours! 
    Will certainly check all your lessons on harmonics. Such a treasure)

  9. Do the harmonics grouped in the second and thirds fret still sound when the instrument is tuned down?

  10. what is the name of your intro song? 

  11. Great lesson! ;)

  12. This epitomises what is brilliant about YouTube. Excellent lesson.

  13. I teach my students this stuff for 40 bucks a week and your doing this for free I'm going out of business 

  14. This was amazing! I love your lessons, I cannot wait to practice this!

  15. Video classes like this , it is what make me believe that http://www.talkingbass.net is the best site for free bass lessons on Internet.
    There is no doubt for me.!

    Harmonics always was a mystery , and now look at how simple ideas are behind.
    The question is  that those  ideas has been always there  , but nobody has  explained them to me as clear as Mark Smith do it.

    This guy is making  history as internet teacher !

    Excellent , Excellent Excellent !

    Juanki Funki

  16. Супер мелодия вначале!!!

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