Intermediate guitar LESSON on HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES. Detailed & well explained. TABS available. Chord melody tutorial.

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Have you ever wondered how to play the beautiful jazz standard Have You Met Miss Jones on guitar? Well, this guitar lesson guides you step by step through this tune.

I’ll teach you the HAve You Met Miss Jones guitar chords along with the melody. I also have TABS available from the links above.

My arrangement is an intermediate lesson. It’s a major advantage to know the basic jazz chords already. But my tutorial shows you everything slowly and very detailed, so if you are a beginner, that’s ok.

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Enjoy, Sandra 🙂


  1. On the second chord, how come the chords in the original notation are different? I'm trying to follow these chords as they are laid out in the basic changes to see what's going on but can't figure that out. The version I'm looking at goes F maj 7-F#dim-G min 7, but this one goes F maj 7 – Bb9 … it sounds fantastic, but I'm curious as to why!

    These lessons are absolutely fantastic by the way – what a gift you have for teaching!

  2. reffoelcnu alouncelal

    Thank you excellent lessons ,,,,so many channels complicate things with to much theory , you have it just right ,,

  3. Fantastic lessons. Thanks. Jose.

  4. Ive been listening to your videos for three days.Astonishing. Do you have any books with tabs to match the videos

  5. "And all at once I owned the earth and the sky.
    Now I've met Miss Jones, and we'll keep on meeting till we die". Excellent lesson as always.☺

  6. What a wonderful chord melody construction – Really beautiful and so well taught you truly are the best!

  7. "Phrase Number Twooo for youuuu" ;-D Funny and nice tune!

  8. Nice one Sandra.

  9. Very nice Sandra! I wasn't all that familiar with this tune, but I'm going to learn it from your lesson here. It sure seems like an intermediate player like myself can get a lot of mileage out of using — say — a bar chord and utilizing the pinky to slide over, under, or whatever to catch a single note, versus the advanced jazz players who use some complicated chords (to me anyway) to get the same sound. Thanks Sandra!!

  10. Wonderful. This one's new to me but I'm anxious to learn it. Vielen dank.

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