Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Guitar Lesson – Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Performance

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Guitar Lesson - Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Performance

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These Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas guitar lesson videos will take you note-for-note through a challenging chord melody arrangement for the all time Christmas classic.

The first video will have an introduction and full performance so you will know what you are shooting for when playing it. The second video today shows Part One of the 2-part tutorial on how to play it note-for-note.

These Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas guitar lessons are on the advanced side but can open up a different approach to guitar arrangement for the intermediate player.

Be sure to download the music for this one because the video instruction moves by pretty quick and is just to show you the right and left hand fingerings that I use.

Here is the PDF download of the music in TAB.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas PDF

I hope you can work this up by Christmas, and after you have played it for all of your friends and family, be sure to remember to come back here and let me know how it went.

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  1. What are the chords??

  2. Dude you are a baby here!

  3. Thank you, Thank you. I love almost every one of your chord choices. There are so many versions of the tune and many stray from the Judy Garland movie version … which I think is the best because of the chord choices. I came up with a simpler version and now will be able to make it much better with the ideas you've provided. Thanks!

  4. Widowmaker Heartattack

    Why is volume so low

  5. No credit to Ted Greene = thumb down.

  6. I'm going to start learning this today. Only 165 days until Christmas…

  7. i can't stretch my fingers thaat far ;__;

  8. omg… so amazing…

  9. what a beautifull chords is that! so deep. i cant follow this in a months lol verry nice

  10. thank you, doctor Dorian!

  11. where is the pdf link?

  12. Thanks for this. I was having trouble with the chords following the DMaj7 at the beginning of the bridge and your version helped me figure out what I might do.

  13. Michelle Martinez

    Hi! How can I get the tabs for this?

  14. Great playing, but you really should credit Ted Greene, whose arrangement it undoubtedly is. Ted's chord grids for this tune, and for hundreds of others, and insights into the mind and work of probably the greatest guitarist ever, are available from his site.

  15. They look like SD hot rails..

  16. Merry Christmas everybody.

  17. This arrangement is Ted Greenes. Maby you should credit him somewhere in the description or title. Thanks for the vid tho.

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