Heart of Life Guitar Lesson – Pluck and Chuck Guitar Series Song #12

Heart of Life Guitar Lesson - Pluck and Chuck Guitar Series Song #12

Guitar lesson for “The Heart of Life” (by John Mayer)
Pluck and Chuck Guitar Series Songs Pt. 12 — Intro to playing melodies over a groove

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Heart of Life Guitar Lesson

lesson navigator/sequence:

0:58 intro dialogue

slow play-through
3:31 intro comping
3:50 intro melody
4:05 1st verse
4:38 Chorus
5:12 2nd verse/ easy version

6:08 Fretting hand
6:31 using half-step down tuning
6:50 Verse/intro chord changes
||: D — Bm — F#m — G — D/F# – A :||
8:52 Verse changes w/ the words
9:50 Chorus changes
||: A — D/F# – G :|| D/F# – G — D/F# – A — D
11:24 note about the bridge solo
11:38 playing the melodies on each chord
12:12 the melodies diverge on the B minor chord
12:19 The intro melody in small pieces
14:12 The intro melody played faster
14:24 The verse melody
15:26 the verse melody played faster
16:03 Chorus melody played up on the neck
17:32 chorus melody play in the open position (Part 1)
18:32 The whole melody for the chorus played faster

19:18 the picking hand — playing scales in the patter
19:48 The comping pattern for the song
20:24 learning the comping pattern
20:38 The first two strokes
21:28 First two strokes play along
21:39 adding the third stroke
21:48 three-strokes play along
22:02 adding the 4th stroke
22:12 4 strokes play along
22:32 adding the last two strokes
23:00 the whole pattern slowly
23:24 the whole pattern at tempo
23:32 adding in chuck strums
23:46 the importance of individual chucks
24:01 playing scales with a ¼ note groove
24:50 the scale played faster
25:13 combining the comping pattern and the scale

26:03 combining hands
26:34 playing the intro melody
27:09 learning the intro melody in fragments
29:26 the whole intro melody played slowly
29:48 the verse melody
31:32 playing the whole verse slowly
32:12 the chorus melody — filling in the 3rd voice
33:32 the rolling arpeggio
34:33 playing along with the rolling arpeggio
35:19 filler notes in the open position
37:04 demonstration of all the fillers for the last section of the chorus
37:24 ending the chorus
38:33 the entire chorus with filler notes

39:20 section on simplifying the fingerings
40:08 verse fingerings
41:40 chorus fingerings
43:01 making sure the D chord is complete
44:04 mixing fingerings up for different melodic possibilities

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  1. Really great tutorial I would never be able to play this without this quality video. If you want some feedback it got really hard to follow around 16:30 and your singing overpowered the playing

  2. thanks for the great lesson… i love this song so much and im happy i can now play it

  3. Perfect. Thank you! +1sub fo u

  4. Fabulous work!

  5. Really appreciate ur work…thank you

  6. Thanks for tutorial. truly you have the skill of teaching . great

  7. What is on his fingers

  8. Your a stud man! Thanks so much. 🙂

  9. 45 minutes free lesson on Youtube and you've got my sub. Keep it up, dude!

  10. Well done. Thanks for the lesson

  11. Just a beginning !

    what you are wearing in your fingers? what does it called and what does it do?

  12. I appreciate the lesson and the dedication you put into this song, very good. But I just dont understand why you complicate things like you do.

    It would make it so much easier if you just went through the song from start to finish. You could show the picking pattern in the beginning, then show the extra details when you get to a specific chord. Take a look at gareth evans tutorials. You won't really need to have tabs on screen if it's too expensive.

  13. You have a great voice dude!

  14. I loved your singing. Forgot about the lesson and kept repeating the singing part.

  15. This was a terrible lesson. No one wants to hear you sing…You jumped around from different steps and could have explained it in 10 minutes.

  16. Whats the tune of his guitar?

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