Heathens Twenty One Pilots Acoustic Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle Chord Melody

Info here http://www.blitzguitar.com/heathens-twenty-one-pilots-acoustic-guitar-lesson-fingerstyle-chord-melody/
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  1. I wanted to request Gangsta – Kehlani & Starvin – Hailee Steinfeld

  2. unanuevaproduccion

    Hey i found Twenty One Pilots
    – Not Today and all the lyrics for the album check the lyrics. 1 8 8 1

  3. Your so good!

  4. You are the best for doing this to share with us. You have no idea how hard it is to find intermediate/advanced tutorials like this. your tutorials are straight forward and make a lot of sense. This is exactly what everyone needs to learn finger style. I like how you keep it challenging so we can learn more. Thanks so much for doing what your doing. I subscribed!

  5. nuevo

  6. Please do Rideeeeeee ! u.u

  7. You are amazing man! Thanks for this.

  8. Hi!! im your new subscriber i hope u do a fifth harmony song im gonna look forward for it thank you!!

  9. you sir just got yourself a new subscriber :)

  10. Please do a fingerstyle lesson of Jonas Blue – Perfect Strangers ft. JP Cooper. Thanks :)

  11. can u do sugar by maroon 5

  12. Stefano De Lorenzo

    please do "in the name of love" bebe rexha ft Martin garrix. It could be awesome

  13. please do either:

    Bangarang- Acoustic finger style version

    Fireflies- Owl City

  14. he should deserve like 700k sub

  15. please do we dont talk anymore by Charlie Puth and Selena gomez

  16. please do purpose by justine bieber

  17. yess! You are my favorite guitarist, i love your arrangements :)

  18. Awesome tutorial I've ever had. You're so talented man! Keep it up

  19. ive been playing for a year can this improve my skills?

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