Helena – Guitar Lesson (Rhythm and Lead Parts) – My Chemical Romance – Easy Beginner Lesson

Hey guys! How’s it going? MagnumHighway here and today we are going to be learning Helena by My Chemical Romance.

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  1. You have been Hacked by123456789

    What type of pedal?

  2. That's two people in a row I've heard mispronounce Helena.

  3. Where is the link in the description?

  4. There are 2 chords that I didn't really get on the lightning fast chorus… pls help me

  5. can you pls do I don't love you and disenchanted pls

  6. i cant even play the beginning.

    Whats the worst that i can play? Things are better if i'm Ray

  7. "so it's super simple"

  8. LeandroJames Simon

    could you pls do a tutorial of I don't love you and disenchanted

  9. there is a second guitar part on the intro on the low e string. it goes 10 – 0 7 -5- 6 10 7 or something like that

  10. can anyone provide like a chord chart of this song I'm so lost after 4:30

  11. gracias x tanto

  12. this is the worst fucking guitar playthrough video ever, I'm literally sitting here with my guitar and freaking the fuck out cause your literally taking five years to explain 4 chords sorry im freaking out but god damn man I wanna learn the fucking song

  13. How do you pick like that in the begininng

  14. Can you do ghost of you 😮

  15. LeandroJames Simon

    thank you so much

  16. These tutorials are so helpful. Keep it up.

  17. inevitableasshole-

    What's the strumming pattern?

  18. i don't love you by mcr please?

  19. I did not understand the chorus AT ALL. What chords are there in the description????

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