Hello by Adele Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Super Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs

Hello by Adele Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Super Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs

Check out how to play one of the newest Adele hits, “Hello”! I’ll slow it down and walk you through it!

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  1. Later Than We Think

    Hi Marty brand new guitar player ….started with your cords and strumming patterns ..thanks i can now play 4 cords after only at a week ….what might be helpful for me and hopefully other really newbies if you could put the strumming pattern ie dudddud etc like you do in the strumming lessons. I get lost so easily.

  2. Words could never discribe how awesome it feels to have found such an amazing free guitar tutor. Thank you, thank u for all the time and effort you've put into these videos for us all to learn from.:) Keep up the excellent work that u are doing. Blessings

  3. Good tutorial i prepared different tutorial if you interested check from below link 😉

  4. When marry didn't have a beard! Your face is to bald here

  5. Denese Witherspoon

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a EASY (as possible) video of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters". It's my mom's FAVORITE song. THANK YOU.

  6. Harrison Willingham

    I saw one of your videos when I was first learning guitar at age 10. It's good to see you still making great content after 10+ years!

  7. love all your videos marty. you make it so easy for beginners to learn awesome songs!!!

  8. Keep doing what your doing!

  9. Any feeder songs yo know how to play like seven days in the sun

  10. Marty, thanks for the great tutorials. I really enjoy the blues music theory lessons. My wife loves Adele so I learned this for her to sing along. Small arguement ensued because I was playing it wrong. It is Em, G, D, C. Your lesson has the wrong chord order. Still love ya!

  11. Can you do a video on barre chords?

  12. I use the exact same chords and almost exact strumming pattern for John Legend – All Of Me lol

  13. Been playing with you for a year and Joined Guitarjamz great teacher thank you for helping me follow my dreams

  14. marty, you're awesome! thanks so much for the lessons! You've have helped me so much!

  15. brilliant vid marty love your stuff!

  16. Those are the exact chords as all of me

  17. Here we GOOOO!!!

  18. I'm a beginner and appreciate these vids very much. Thinking about taking the premium course…would be helpful for newbs if in your vids you either slowed down considerably on — and/or typed out — the strum patterns in the description (down/up/down/down, etc) as it's hard to get them all written down properly because they're said and played so fast. I'll probably improve as I practice and learn, but this would help me and others like me…Thanks, Marty!

  19. hey marty
    i think you got the order of chords wrong, because i tried to sing along as i was playing it
    it's supposed to be Em,G,D,C
    other than that, a great lesson – as always (:

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