Hells Bells Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – AC/DC – All Riffs

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The twin guitar attack of Malcolm and Angus Young have conjured up countless rock anthems and in these video lessons we are going to take a look at one of their finest “Hells Bells”.

The intro to “Hells Bells” contains an arpeggiated picking sequence that also serves as the chorus. It is pretty simple to play except for the quick shifts down to the short power chords that end the riff. You may have to isolate that shift in your practice to get it down smoothly.

There is a some really nice hard rock rhythm guitar work going on throughout the whole song. It has the kind of groove that AC/DC is well known for and provides a steady driving pulse throughout the entire song.

In this Hells Bells guitar lesson video I will be teaching you all the riffs and solos in their entirety note-for-note!

Whenever there are two rhythm guitar parts being played together I do cover both of them in the riff video lesson. That generally happens coming out of the intro riff.

As with any AC/DC song, it is very important to keep the rhythm guitar parts very tight. Malcolm Young has long been considered one of the greatest rock rhythm guitarists of all time and for good reason.

The guitar solo for “Hells Bells” is simply killer. The first half contains a bunch of really cool bluesy double stop licks before Angus Young launches into his typical high pyrotechnic blues based soloing. It is a very catchy solo that is singable the whole way through while still containing plenty of flashy guitar stuff.

The outro solo is more of the same starting with a repeated melodic phrase that launches into a more extended soloing section. It is great fun to play and an excellent study for any guitar player.

Because of the soloing involved with playing “Hells Bells”, I would put it at an upper intermediate to advanced level. The rhythm guitar parts wouldn’t require that level of ability to pull of so those would be great for just about anyone.

So take your time and have fun learning this AC/DC classic. You will be well rewarded with some serious guitar chops if you do. 🙂



  1. Whay type of guitar is that i know all kinds of types but i just don't know what kind that one is

  2. Standard tuning?

  3. That tone is Godlike! What amp or VST were you using?


  5. AC/DC rules man

  6. American Lady ACDC Fan 1998

    Hi Carl, big fan of AC/DC,! Angus and Malcolm are my heroes! I’m also wanting to be a guitarist and I’m a female yes, but that don’t mean angus isn’t my fav! He is behind my bed literally!

  7. Great lesson! Having a blast playing this classic!

  8. Hi, i thank you so much for this perfekt lesson, much stuff, but it makes so much fun !!!

  9. A late comment, but your version of the pre-chorus is way better than other ways I've seen it played. Not sure how Malcolm played it but thanks for this. Made a huge difference for me!

  10. Great lesson as always. For the next AC/DC song, let there back rock would be awesome.

  11. For years i was doing the intro to this on the open strings, this way is SO much easier.

  12. Boi, you are amazing!!! I need whole lotta rosie though. PLZ

  13. Could you do black ice PLZ???

  14. Watching your video since I was 13 great!!

  15. Hey Carl, everything is perfect everything is perfect but just one thing – wouldn't it sound better if right before the chorus you play C5 and slide up to D5? At least that's how I've been playing it for years and it sounds more appropriate? Anyway you sound great man!!!

  16. best teacher on youtube! cheers

  17. Not only do you nail the song and lesson, but you’ve managed to absolutely NAIL the tone too.

  18. Rip Malcolm young

  19. didnt work it sounded off but i wasa playing in the key of g so that couod be it

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