Helpless – Neil Young – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial (ST-911) Capo and Cover

Helpless - Neil Young - Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial (ST-911) Capo and Cover

Easy Song Guitar Lesson: Helpless – Neil Young
Help & FAQ:
In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn Helpless by Neil Young. Lesson ID ST-911. I take you through the basic version and then we explore using the capo for a range of different ways to play it. Full cover with Max starts at 19:30 I think it sounds great!

Big thanks to Max Jury for joining me for the intro and full cover version at the end, he’s a talented writer with a great voice and worth a listen! Go check him out. • •

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  1. Simplest lesson Justin ever did on YouTube. 23 minutes!! Hahaha but I couldn't be more appreciative bc I've noticed Justin is a fan of neil and that's a quality!! Also Justin nd Mariah Carey and my fiancee all have the same birthday which I learned recently!!

  2. Great lesson again Justin…Any chance of a tutorial for The Loner please?

  3. You are a better singer than you give yourself credit for. Thanks for the lesson–just bought some swag from the site to support your mission.

  4. Excellent and easy to follow Tutorial this is my all time favourite song. I'm just getting back into playing after several years, your tutorials are making it easy to get back at it. Thanks so much for all the Neil Young Covers….my favourite singer song writer.

  5. Please give a tutorial on your right hand technique. Can't get this sound.

  6. now THAT was enlightening!

  7. Awesome lesson Justin. You have a very unique way of teaching and I love it, Thanks!

  8. Great vocal harmony. I'm going to try to follow the hammer-ons, etc., that Justin adds. Those bring so much to the simple D-A-G progression (C-G-F in the Last Waltz version) of the song.

  9. thanx justin!!! for all the video s

  10. It's very nice to have some vocals in a video from you. The words are important! Thanks for this. Try as might, I can't read your guitar. What guitar brand are you playing?

  11. Thanks a lot Justin. Do you think you could do "Through my sails" as part of your Neil Young series? It's a lovely song

  12. Justin, what’s under the cap?

  13. please a lesson on Loretta Steve Earle version. Great lessons Justin

  14. Please tab out that intro. I love that style! And the vocals are just wonderful! Great job!

  15. Better if you just call the chords what they actually are e.g. Capo 3 g shape is Bb

  16. Very nice. I like both versions without and with capo. But I really felt the version with the Capo. Bravo . The guy singing with you has got a beautiful voice. Thanks for posting.

  17. very good justin, thanks

  18. Nice Justin

  19. 11:40 blew my mind. whoa. i hope i'll be able to do that in a few years.

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