Here Comes The Sun – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – The Beatles – Drue James – Part 1

When the sun is shining play this on your acoustic and everyone will love it! Here Comes The Sun acoustic guitar lesson. You can watch Part 2 and get the TAB to this Beatles classic here:

Learn 10 Easy Beatles Song Here:

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Keep on playing 🙂
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  1. Fantastic! The Teacher makes the difference …You really know how to teach: From EADGBE to any mistake possible, You are ready to help…, You are a real Tutor, thx so much & God bless Yours

  2. Me again Here Comes the Sun. Thanks Lester Walker used an easy Beatles song to produce his. It was a very short song. Do you know which one it is? Tell me.

  3. can you do how are you true by cage the elephant

  4. Thanks, although I don't think the tab is listed on your site

  5. can you please do a tutorial on the song Forget by Lianne La Havas, no one has done it yet and i love that song

  6. lucyandmummy4ever

    Hi dru
    Tried a lot of lessons on this song
    Found your lesson very helpful nice and easy to follow
    Many thanks dru !
    Keep up the good work cheers peter

  7. Finally someone who teaches this song well!

  8. Great video love it

  9. Nice video , please make video on Binks sake song of one piece

  10. Do you have a video for learning this is me -the greatest showman?

  11. Hunter Soukaphonh


  12. mikelansdell68 lansdell

    Drue really enjoying learning this great song, many thanks. Sounds really cool as I have the same guitar a Faith Venus Blood Moon. If only I could sing !


    Careless whisper ..

  14. U should add tabs please

  15. Thank you so much!!!

    Hey, by the way, if it's alright, could you check out a video of mine?

    The quality is potato and its my first time recording, but I'd be glad if you could review it:

  16. Please play before speaking

  17. Great video, do you think you could do any majozi?

  18. Francisco Cuéllar García

    Good video!

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