Here I Go Again Unplugged Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. From Starkers in Tokyo. Acoustic Guitar Lesson. This was a request from a member of the Vanderbilly guitar forum.
Educational Use Only.
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  1. I learned how to play this song. thanks !

  2. thanks treebeard.


    Thanks a lot!!!

  4. Is that 12,12,11 at the start not 12,12,10.

  5. Please, give me name of chrods? Example E, Cm, G, Gm, D……

  6. Beautiful! Tx.!

  7. perfect thanks

  8. thanks awesome tutorial

  9. Thanks a bunch, man! I've been wanting to learn this for years.

  10. Well, if it's any consolation treebeard, you did a superb job teaching the entire song and I'm very grateful–regardless of my nit-picking. :S

    Even with the minor tab mistakes, it's very high quality. 🙂

  11. Thanks so much for putting in the work and posting this. I really wanted to learn this song and couldn't find a better tutorial or tab. It's very accurate from what I can tell however, I have to say in order to improve the video, you might want to correct the tab for the Am7 chord which keeps displaying as X01020 instead of X02010. It was a minor obstacle but it still did frustrate me a number of times.

  12. Ricardo Cavinatto

    Thanks a lot, gret job! I never thought I would find someone teaching this song. Also, I liked a lot the way you showed the chord's construction on the screen. Great idea, it helps a lot.

  13. Rikki Kirr is right – at 3:50 the chord which you call an 'E sus thing' (which is an Em add 9 by the way), should be tabbed 024000 but you have 020400. Sorry to nit pick, but I wanted to point it out in case someone got stuck there and couldn't work it out. Thanks for the video though.

  14. your guitar sounds very good.

  15. Thanks from Brazil. Nice work.

  16. great lesson treebeard , was it me or were the tabs on the screen not matching up to what you were saying ?? otherwise i'm playing here i go again tonite .. ric

  17. Brilliant! Thank you very much.

  18. Aleksandar Bogićević

    Very nice! 🙂
    What is the model of your guitar?

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