Heroes by David Bowie Lesson

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  1. Perfect lecture ! Everything I need …… Thank You!!!!

  2. Steve you are a great teacher. Many thanks.

  3. or you can just play it in drop D like it really is done and is a lot easier to me

  4. This ESP LTD sounds great, man! What type of EC is it? (I guess the 256FM Sunburst, right?)
    (Well, I know the guitar will never sound by it's own, of course (lol)!)

  5. Almost 100k subscribers! Rawk Ahn!! 🙂

  6. Thank your for taking the time, Steve. Very informed lesson.( Hard to believe it has been a year.) One point / question: at the "we can be heroes" part I always played Am, Em, D (that's what I heard). (Of course, with the various parts you're playing, it may sound the same.)

  7. thank you.

  8. fantastic lesson THANK YOU

  9. i`m in.

  10. Hi Steve It's Johnny. T. Thanks man. I got another song under my belt. Way cool lesion..

  11. he was doing so well teaching until the very end ! but these Americans are starting to improve !

  12. Fripp is the MAN!

  13. Great work you made for us……..did you play the bass part when you play "your" 3 guitars together ? Thanks…it is awesome !!!

  14. Good Teacher Yeahhh!!!

  15. Just a Great Job, showing the mix/"subordination"(among them), of guitars ya need to get the armonic right sound …and get the Soul of that Fantastic Tune!!! All the Best mate 😉

  16. very cool..
    many thanks

  17. Is he palm muting these guitar chords?

  18. ok I was wrong there was another guitar live but knowing how to play it with one on electric would be nice if possible,since i'm a loner.

  19. A lot of lessons I've found show how to play like the recording with several diferent  guitars but I want to learn it for one guitar.

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