Heroes – David Bowie – Tribute Guitar Lesson Tutorial

R.I.P David Bowie. 🙁

Strange how emotional it feels when the great ones go, I never met the guy but feel like I knew him. Music is a powerful thing.

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  1. Guillaume de Bailliencourt

    Db is still missing so much

  2. I'm back, just wanted to say another thanx to Justin for an exemplary rendition/lesson – Hey Justin you are truly special.

  3. Lavina Cavalheiro Franco

    i and my dad we missed you #DB

  4. Sometimes I'm sad that Bowie died, but knowing that I had the privilege to live at a time to be able to witness his music brings me back up again

  5. Maaaaan you should have paused the recording and just let the burp out on min 5… LOL

  6. lovely Tuition Justin ,thx

  7. Hi Justin,I love your guitar lessons.  I have learned so much from them.  God Bless You, Justin!                                                                                                                              Paula:)

  8. Mark Doney-Mccloud

    Oh yea, I just subscribed to this channel as it's good stuff, thanks

  9. Mark Doney-Mccloud

    I have a version where David sings in german, really hits the spot of the time, very evocative

  10. Hey mate, awesome video. Favourite song of all time. I may have missed it, but is there a video of you doing the whole song, maybe incorporating that riff too?

  11. Greetings Justin.
    this song was written by Peter Gabriel not by David Bowie mate.

  12. That guitar sounds sooooo sweeet!!

  13. Justin love your lessons ,not only some great learning ,but loving the passion in your chat!

  14. Thank you, Justin. Thank you for doing the thing and actually publishing it for all of us. Fuck Yeah. Thank you for helping me steal time, just for one day.

  15. Does anyone know what kind of acoustic this is? I like the sound…

  16. You are phenomenal, my friend

  17. Top vbideo keep it up bro

  18. soo sad david bowie past away

  19. Brilliant !… Thanks for posting this Justin. Your opening comment above is Spot On !
    Cheers Roj

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