Hey Hey – Eric Clapton Unplugged – Guitar Lesson Tutorial Acoustic Blues

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Hey Hey – Eric Clapton Unplugged
More info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ST-348-HeyHey-EricClapton.php
In this acoustic blues guitar lesson tutorial we’re learning the all time classic Eric Clapton Unplugged version of Hey Hey (it’s a Big Bill Broonzy cover). It’s a great song to learn and real ‘complete package’ if you play on your own!

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  1. Sinister But Happy

    thanks dude …got it down 🙂

  2. This song was played by Big Bill Broonzy in 1957 —-3 songs,2nd song.

  3. Please Justin can you do a lesson on "change the world"?
    I love clapton!

  4. Brilliant lesson Justin

  5. Great lesson Justin! Thanks a lot for all your lessons! Any chance you could do Key to the Highway by Clapton – the live acoustic version played in Japan (Reptile tour of 2001)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oei5PTADpPM

  6. Very helpful… your a very good teacher, by the way would you teach us to play ANGELINA by Tommy Emmanuel if possible

  7. Great as always, Justin. Could you make a lesson on Old Love, by Eric Clapton? Thanks a lot!

  8. William Hernandez

    thank you… really good master

  9. This is so frustrating.. Trying real hard here to figure out what strings you're playing sometimes.. Wish you would add tabs on screen or a link as a reference (i found diffrent tabs from yours). But thanks for the lesson! Im getting there with baby step haha

  10. Shingeki no kyojin Season 2

    my ring finger hurts when bending… like when someone pass a basketball and your fingers get struck. i hope im ok

  11. I'm helping out a friend with his online guitar store guys, he has some great guitar gadgets and gear, check it out: unpluggedwaves.com

  12. Your pick guard looks like tar paper

  13. Elias Żłobiński

    nice, I subscribed

  14. One of the best blues lessons on the net. Thanks very much.

  15. Larry youguessame

    You sir are an excellent teacher..I thank you…hats off!!

  16. Hi Justin, is there anywhere I find the verse/chord section in detail?

  17. Hell yea
    ur the best

  18. This lesson is great. Honestly, I actually prefer the lack of tab because I like how you not only give us the timing, but give us the 'no BS' explanation of licks and chords (well if you hit these 3 strings instead of just the highest 2, it'll sound fine, don't worry).


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