Hey Joe Guitar Lesson – Jimi Hendrix – Chords/Rhythms

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In this two-part “Hey Joe” guitar lesson series, I will show you how to play this classic Jimi Hendrix song note-for-note.

“Hey Joe” was his first single and was truly the song that introduced the great Jimi Hendrix to the world and the rest is history.

In the first video lesson will demonstrate how to play the intro and the chords of the song. It is also a little lesson on how to play Hendrix style chord playing and to create your own chord variations just like he does. It makes for some really beautiful stuff.

In the second lesson video I will show you note-for-note how to play Jimi’s killer guitar solo.


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  1. I love that tone.

  2. Thanks for all the accurate and easy to watch videos. It's a lot of work!


  4. I love your teaching methods. you are a great teacher. thank you sooo very much.

  5. Hey, do think you could possibly do Slash's interpretation of this song, especially the solos, but the whole song would be great too. Thanks a lot for all the vids, man!

  6. Jason Kirincich


  7. Fede e Fili Gamers

    Could you do a guitar lesson about Jimi Hendrix “Foxey Lady”?please.

  8. Fede e Fili Gamers

    Thank you so much,my friend!

  9. Your strat looks exactly like my E series MIJ.

  10. You have to learn how to play jimmy

  11. Carl is my go to teacher when i need to know the trick of the song, thanks Carl your a very good guitar teacher, and your time and skill is very much appreciated.

  12. queastion guys.. it is a clean tone or he used any effects to sound like the original?

  13. BeckumOutdoors

    Thanks, very good instructor, Brian

  14. hey joe, bye jimi hendrix

  15. guitarist CHILE

    what your guitar was destined to play

  16. ou are very good teacher 🙂

  17. good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. very good instruction,,, love it! man,keep doing' watcha doing…what a good viral!!!

  19. Can you make a tutorial on the guitar solo for Purple Rain by Prince? PLEASE!!??

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