Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix – Guitar lesson

Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix - Guitar lesson

How to play Hey Joe – Acoustic version – Jimi Hedrix
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  1. The best Hey Joe lessons I have seen on youtube…

  2. Great lesson for a great song. I particularly like that you refer to the strings by their numbers rather than the note of the open string. I find it easier to understand that way as my brain processes it more easily!

  3. two words

    paul tho_ _

  4. Great lesson!

  5. All that info in under 10 mins cheers Joe

  6. Great lesson Joe. My good lady is climbing the curtains with Hey Joe on loop, but almost got it nailed, only a day or two more suffering for her.

  7. Lovely! Thanks, mate!

  8. That Martin makes me geleous though

  9. Great lesson. What guitar are you using?

  10. Mr Joe your teaching skills and temperament as an instructor are awesome. I am really enjoying the experience of taking these classes from you. Regards.

  11. Preston Johnson

    Yes Joe! I’m from that Era. 67-69 Nam Vet. So Hey Joe is definitely Great!

  12. Great lesson; but, "a Jimi Hendrix song"? I don't think so. It's always nice to give credit to the original song writer. How about "Jimi Hendrix version of a Billy Roberts song".

  13. Great joe

  14. palmer grigsby

    Might be my favorite lesson to date!!!

  15. Thanks for this lesson !!!! Bye bye !!!!

  16. There's a show at 6?

  17. Philippine Fandango

    Wow Joe.. This is the song that cemented my love for Blues/Rock, in my formative years. How appropriate with your name.. Very tasty on the acoustic as well.. Thanks so much for the lesson…

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