Hey Jude – The Beatles – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar

Hey Jude - The Beatles - Guitar Lesson - How to Play on Guitar

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  1. thank you Bro

  2. can u do little piece of my heart

  3. Hey marty, may i request please? Just request How To Play Air Supply – Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

  4. Stanley"RagingBull"McClain

    Can you do Rize of the Phoenix by Tenacious D? cant find it anywere else and youre the best so please do it :)

  5. I don't think I describe how useful your videos are

  6. I learnt this simply because my brother is called jude

  7. Marty you are so amazing! !

  8. Thanks Marty. Always loved that song, but with the tricks, even better.Would hope you could look at the solo for Crazy Little thing called Love by Queen – love that rockabilly type playing. Thanks. Richard Enriquez Umina Beach, Australia.

  9. Good tutorial as always Marty. But screw my pinky finger.

  10. very good tutorial sir.. very simple and helpful

  11. I have problems with barring chords… Do you have any videos that break down bar chords? Thanks man… Love your new channel man…

  12. Than k you sir. Do you plan on redoing Here comes the Sun?

  13. Thanks man :)

  14. Thx you marty !

  15. Jan Marpaul Lobigas

    all out of love – air supply (:

  16. wake me up by avicii

  17. what scale would you use to solo over the end chords ala Duane Allan?

  18. Hey I was thinking about getting an acoustic guitar with a cutaway but I'm not sure what to get..any suggestions?

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