‘Hey Soul Sister’ Train – Ultra Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson Song Tutorial

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‘Hey Soul Sister’ by Train Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginners Songs Acoustic How To Play Tutorial
In this lesson learn how to play a solo acoustic version of ‘Hey Soul Sister’ by Train.

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Cheers, Andy

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  1. TheAwsomeGrrl //NicoleTAG

    Use the chord g,d,em,c

  2. rodrigo reyes hernandes

    Muy bien

  3. boo

  4. It actually sounds like it should be G D C D and repeat with a kapo on the fourth fret. It's a lot easier than playing an F cord…

  5. Haha i love how on every single one of your videos some one asks about your guitar. Just look in the description!!! haha! :D

  6. TheHumanBeingofEarth

    Dude…this one doesn't sound like hey soul sister…may be this is hey soul brother…your own version…any ways thanks

  7. Damn capo songs =.=

  8. Hi Andy, please explain how you do G CG change, I don't get it, when to change chords and what's the strumming pattern. Thanks.


  10. @snailiz

  11. thanks

  12. so many capo songs…

  13. I made a capo with a pen and some rubbers

  14. lol I just tried making one using a pen and a belt lol XD

  15. cool, thanks a lot!
    you are a great teacher!
    greetings from germany

  16. Dan Carlo Hermosisima


  17. you're a really good teacher and i love your videos, but you play/teach a little fast 😛
    maybe thats just me :/

  18. You can have an alternative CAPO.. you must have some pencil and rubber band to work on it.. just search for the youtube video of it.,

  19. "Let's try that together slow" he says @ 2:30 and then proceeds to play a bar or two and then is up to full speed.
    Dude maybe you need to use a metronome set on SLOW.

  20. HungerGames .Kitteh

    capo?Capo!CAPO!!! >:(

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