Hey There Delilah guitar lesson

Hey There Delilah guitar lesson

Hey There Delilah guitar lesson taught by Teague Purtell.

March 2016 – Help me build this lesson! I know I put this video up a long time ago but I have wanted to have additional material to go with it for a long time. I have a page started with some fretboard graphs and notation files to go with video. Click link below to check it out and leave comments below and let me know what you think is needed to make this lesson easier:


A video of me (Teague) playing the song:


To study guitar online with me (Teague) visit:


To hear my own music and my band tripfuse:


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  1. this was very helpful

  2. Why do i need to bar two notes if I am only playing one? I cant pull of that f minor

  3. Way too fast. Would have been great if you slowed it down a LOT more. Great way to play it, though.

  4. Help me get 10,000 subs without any videos Please!

    I'm gonna try to get my crush to like me with this! Wish me luck

  5. Thank you so much. Great tutorial <3

  6. the chords are very simple along with the picking pattern…but the tutorial is complicated & confusing…sorry buddy but you need to use at least 2 camera and edit your video for a better presentation…peace.

  7. awesome dude! You really helped me out

  8. My hand physically cannot do a f# minor. My ring finger cant reach that far and my pinkie is to weak to push down the string.

  9. Imma buy you a nail clipper for christmas

  10. Elizabeth “Lizzy”

    This was actually the best, most understandable and well taught guitar tutorial I've ever learnt

  11. Great tutorial. Thank you. It was really useful…

  12. too fucking complicated for me Q-Q

  13. Enlightened Pizza


  14. great tutorial

  15. Really good Job Man! <3 Loved it! :D

  16. Bruh cut them fingernails

  17. lmao my hands way to small for this shit. im done.

  18. good vocals too


    i can't get it i cant see properly too confussing

  20. Such tiny fingers not long enough, almost there…

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