Hey You Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Pink Floyd – Intro and Chords

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These Hey You guitar lesson videos will take you note-for-note through Pink Floyd’s classic song!
Hey You is not only one of Pink Floyd’s most popular songs, it also contains some of David Gilmour’s finest guitar work.

The acoustic parts were originally performed on a guitar with the lower tuned strings tuned up either 1 or two octaves. David Gilmour replaced those strings with much lighter gauge strings in order to accomplish this goal. Because of that David Gilmour was able to perform the song in open position.

In these Hey You guitar lesson videos however, we will learn how to play Hey You on a standard tuned acoustic.

The solo that David Gilmour plays in Hey You is also one of the most well know of all classic rock solos. It is simple, direct and flat out epic.

There are no real technical surprises in this song except for two issues. First, we have quite a bit of barre chords that are played on the acoustic. That can be an issue if your hand gets tired easily. In these Hey You guitar lesson videos I demonstrate the way I switch from chord to chord which I feel will make it quite a bit easier on you.

Second, the solo contains LOTS of bending. You need to really listen to the notes to keep them in tune, especially those half step bends which are always easy to over bend.

This is a great song to learn no matter what ability level you are at. Even the most advanced players should find a lot to take in from David Gilmour’s incredible taste and musicality, with absolute control over his bends.

Enjoy these Hey You guitar lesson videos, I had a blast playing it and I hope you will too! Cheers, Carl 😀


  1. Plz put all the note and chords in screen when playing.
    Because first : u just talking and there are a lot of notes and chords in 16 min.so we can't memorize all of them and forget easily.

    And we following and watching you in many countries with many languages. My English is not good enough for listening and learning all notes.

    So if u do this for us We appreciate you

  2. I could never do the bridge thing with my finger

  3. Call of Ktulu intensifies

  4. that guitar sounds amazing…btw!!

  5. Best on you tube..period.. cheers..

  6. thumbs up

  7. Hello! I am from Brazil your videos are well explained easy to understand. thank you for teaching us I would like to learn music with tablature LOST FOR WORD pink floyd

  8. . great video and teaching style <3 /m/

  9. Can you play this without. Pick

  10. This is my very favourite song. Ever. And as I slowly, but certainly progressing, playing this is my next goal

  11. Do you have David Gilmour's "Take a Breath" lesson. No one has this lesson on the you tube and it's an amazing song! Thanks!

  12. So the bottom E, A, D, and G strings were replaced by the smaller gauge strings in order to get some effect. I'm glad you could find an alternative to that.

  13. Nicely done. Thanks

  14. 6:20 "just randomly pick them which is what they were probably doing anyway" Hmmmmm

  15. This is the best guitar tutorial channel. Your videos are really incredible and easy to get into the song.

  16. 0:40 you missed the opportunity to say "Hey You….guys"

  17. Has anyone realized the instrumental is another brick in the wall?

  18. Thanks dude.

  19. xxxtentacion

  20. Mark Doney-MacLeod

    I'll come back to that one, on a 12 it's agony …lol….time to get some food and return to this later.

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