High and Dry Guitar Lesson Radiohead

High and Dry Guitar Lesson Radiohead. Step by step easy to follow lesson. Follow Lee John Blackmore :
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  1. Any Mötley Crüe?
    Preferably Kickstart My Heart or Girls Girls Girls?

  2. Elvin Nieves Tattoo

    Pantera suicide note part 1 easy way !! Thanks !!!

  3. Could you do a tutorial of society by eddie vedder with solo?

  4. TLDR. A few years ago, I was trying to teach myself Wonderwall, I was listening to it on a cassette tape, every time I reached the end of the track, I would rewind to the beginning, I would often rewind too far. And high and dry was there, I kept hearing the end of high and dry….here began my love affair with radiohead

  5. What about "fly me to the moon" or "Marvin Gaye"

  6. Love it
    great lesson!!!

  7. Could you do a tutorial of disturbed – down with the sickness?


    Happy new year lee! can you do a tutorial of how do you sleep by john lennon? please:(((

  9. Can you do a tutorial on Loudness – Heavy Chains

  10. Happy New Year! Fantastic work with those kids in D. Rep!

  11. Can you please do A Wasted Hymn (Acoustic) by Architects?

  12. Alouise van Loggerenberg

    Happy New Year!

  13. By any chance could you teach a full play through of a song because I get really confused at putting a song all together and I don’t want to know loads of riffs and nothing more. However, your content is superb! Maybe you could do a guitar guide on what to do at what time e.g. when to learn scales or barre chords etc just a suggestion thanks so much anyways!! Your the only person I’ve somehow understood whilst learning.

  14. Amazing lesson again man, huge thanks to you there was a time in my life I've only wanted to play guitar and you have made my dream come true love ya! And can you make a video about Rainbow's Temple Of The King?

  15. Beautiful song. Happy New Year LJB! I learned a lot of awesome songs from you last year, I can’t wait to see what I learn from you in 2020 (and the decade ahead). All the best to you mate.

  16. toss a coin to your witcher pls

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