Highway To Hell Chords – Guitar Lesson & TAB

Highway To Hell Chords - Guitar Lesson & TAB

Highway To Hell Chords & Guitar Lesson by AC/DC

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LINK TO PDF FILE OF THE GUITAR TAB: https://www.guitarmasterymethod.com/highway-to-hell-tab

Backing track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocppB4rxJpQ

In this video I show you how to play Highway To Hell, the AC/DC classic. I cover the intro, verse and chorus. The Highway To Hell chords are fairly basic and easy to get the hang of, so it’s a great one to learn even if you are a beginner guitarist.

As far as the sound goes, Angus Young uses a Marshall amp, so put a little bit of distortion on your amp to get a similar sound. I am running my Fender Stratocaster straight through the Amplitube 3 plugin in the recording.

It’s definitely a good idea to take this slow and make sure you nail every part, while learning how to play the Highway To Hell chords, just remember that your conviction is important. Don’t use strum the chords…. Hit them hard!

Make sure you download the Highway To Hell guitar tab, you can find it at the link posted above. This will help you follow along through this lesson.

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  1. Really nice tutorial for a 8-code-strummer like me

  2. Great tutorial!


  4. Highway To Hell – AC/DC which key? Thank you

  5. Great lesson! You made that sooooo easy! Thank you!!!

  6. Why would I Display my name

    Best guitar lesson on youtube

  7. This Guy is Awsome…LOVE TO GET SOME CHORSES…

  8. Great lesson Charlie….I started GMM a couple of weeks ago….hadn't picked up a guitar in almost 40 years. I have managed to play Highway to Hell with a little effort. This lesson has definitely given me a boost of confidence. Thanks!!!!

  9. One of the best teacher

  10. 14:14 is down up,not up down you said begin?

  11. You made it from XXXXX to possible for me

  12. Thorough

  13. Great Job !

  14. Extremely well taught!  I love this song and have been wanting to learn it for years now.  I just today bought my first Gibson Les Paul faded t guitar and am practicing on it now.  My other guitars are all acoustic electric and I needed a good electric guitar to learn on. Thanks for the lessons. 🙂

  15. Awesome lesson, easy to understand. Thanks Charlie you ROCK !

  16. I've enjoyed the lessons

  17. Wow, thanks Charlie, you have managed to restore my confidence by taking the time to show me how to play a great classic. I love that you go through your lessons slowly and seem to know how hard some of us find playing.

  18. Thanks Charlie for another Great, Fun, Lesson!

  19. hellenismosadventure

    dude your the best instructor ever!! really good job!! thanks you explained everything perfect

  20. Anselmo Fdez. Urbina

    Great explanation! Congrats!!!

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