Highway To Hell Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – AC/DC – All Riffs

Highway To Hell Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - AC/DC - All Riffs

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In these video guitar lessons we will take a look at AC/DC’s timeless classic “Highway to Hell” in it’s entirety note-for-note.

The first video covers all of the riffs in the song. As far as AC/DC goes, you will probably consider “Highway to Hell” to be one of the easier songs of theirs to play when it comes to the rhythm guitar parts.

The way I am fingering the opening chords in the video lesson might feel a bit awkward at first, but in this Highway to Hell guitar lesson series I wanted to show you exactly how Angus Young plays it himself.

The chorus consists of big open chords played in a tight rhythm. Make sure you focus on being very precise with the last two chords in the progression because those changes need to sound very tight.

The second video lesson will demonstrate how to play the guitar solo.

The guitar solo for “Highway to Hell” contains mostly blues based licks with not a lot of guitar pyrotechnics going on. Angus Young usually throws a few fast licks into his solos but he chose to lay back a bit with this one and just play blues based licks that compliment the song well.

Don’t think that the guitar solo is easy though, because it certainly isn’t. There are a lot of bends to contend with and your calluses are going to get a good workout when practicing it.

The main thing to mastering the solo is to not only practice it phrase by phrase, but to also pay close attention to the way the solo licks fit into the groove of the song. Focusing on the rhythmic element of the solo will help you lock into the groove better and memorize all the licks with ease.

Angus Young’s soloing style is a bit different than the average blues based player. His solos are almost always composed compositions that contain a lot of melodic ideas that compliment the song well. This type of soloing style is not only very musical, but it also aids in memorizing all the licks since they are pretty much singable throughout.

All in all, the solo that Angus Young created for “Highway to Hell” is a great one to study if you want to learn to craft a highly musical and melodic solo statement even if it is just over a few basic chords.

Have fun guys!

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  1. After watching this I realised I've been playing Highway to Hell incorrectly for 10 years. Great video Carl.

  2. Another great lesson from you. Played it constantly for about 20minutes and now it's sounding good. Using the pinky was a bit wierd for me so I used my ring/long finger instead for the riff.

  3. Yo what’s the guitar you’re using?

  4. nice guitar

  5. the one guy I've seen on YT actually playing it right- no one else plays Df# for the 2nd phrase, they just replay the A power chord, which is wrong.
    BUT- the G5 is played as an up stroke.

  6. I like your tutorials because they are direct and complete. A lot of these tutorials are too slow and they ramble too much. Thanks.

    One thing that I would like to mention to help anyone out there who is finding the main riff kind of "too many flailing fingers…"

    I played this song in a band and learned the main riff, the way on the tutorial, and then the other guitarist came over and he was very familiar with it.

    The trick is to USE YOUR THUMB to finger the low F#…. So basically, that (along with thumb), reduces the movement to :
    A D G …. which is the whole song….. It makes it a MILLION times easier….

    Happy learning…

    Thanks again

  7. Excellent tutorial , simplified yet accurate .

  8. Yo Ted Bundy plays highway to Hell (where the mutha is)…

  9. Streetman Streetman


  10. always great and precise content! Thanks

  11. how do I get the exact sound

  12. fun fact about this song, it wasn't at the half step down tuning, it's at some other weird kind of tuning between standard and half step down, same with Photograph by Def Leppard, and a few more AC/DC songs

  13. Sorry if smone has already asked it but what r the amp settings for this? Bass and treble pls

  14. Hey carl can you do life is a highway by rascal flatts?

  15. What electric guitar+amp do you use?

  16. Yervant Sitompoel

    Really helping to make my family's happy

  17. what guitar, i want it

  18. hi there what r ur amp settings please?

  19. You should do more AC/DC videos

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