Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles – Easy Guitar melody tutorial + TAB Guitar lesson

Hit the Road Jack – Easy for beginners, learn how to play on guitar.
“Hit the Road Jack” is a song written by Percy Mayfield and first recorded in 1960. It became famous after it was recorded by Ray Charles.


  1. Could you share the tabs as PDF?

  2. Julija Janušaitytė

    thank you very very much! been searching for this song so long!

  3. Claire Devleeschouwer


  4. this is the best lesson for the song. can you share the notes on the paper so i dont always have to back/forward/back the video to learn the song better?

  5. out of all the lessons this is the one I actually understand. thanks

  6. М. Мамбетов

    aashiqui 2"tum hi ho" есть?

  7. please from where I can take that solfège ?

  8. thx <3 this was a very good help 🙂

  9. VanillaCheddar Aj


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