Homesick | Kane Brown | Beginner Guitar Lesson
Learn the easy way to play “Homesick” by Kane Brown using the G, C, D, Em chords and capo on the 2nd fret!
Let me know what song you’d like to hear next!
God bless!
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  1. Countrysongteacher Good job on your stuff i been practice on my voice and guitar playing good job

  2. You should do a tutorial on whoever broke your heart by Murphy Elmore

  3. Can you do / this side of sober
    Jacob Bryant (acoustic)

  4. Please do diamond in my pocket!

  5. You have no idea how much you as a teacher mean to me. Im currently deployed and have been really wanting to learn the song so i could sing it to my wife and kids when i get home. God bless you and thankYOU. For being such a disciple. And making these videos!

  6. Can u do some jason aldean songs

  7. Hey man, I’ve enjoyed these lessons, I’d like to request Beer With Jesus by Thomas Rhett.

  8. Hey Matt! I learned my first song from you. Took me six years to finally start playing after I lost my grandpa and you make it easy and I feel like hes here with me every time. I appreciate how you teach us, keep up the hard work man. If it’s not too much to ask for, could you do a video on how to play supper time by Jim Reeves?

  9. What is the try video that you removed?

  10. CountrySongTeacher

    hey everyone! I will try the new Premiere feature (like I did on this vid) on my next few vids so I can chat with you all during the first showing. Thanks for all the support!

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