Honky Tonk Women – acoustic guitar lesson Open G

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  1. Perchè hai paura di cantare?

  2. Nice tutorial. Only thing I found that may be confusing is what you’re referring to as a Am7 (while the shape would be correct if using as an open chord) is actually are suspended 4 chords at the 5th and 7th frets.

  3. honks 🙂

  4. Maybe its not for beginners idiots !!

  5. very cool tutorial, got it! many thanks

  6. I like it 😉 Thanks

  7. There are plenty of stone cold beginner vids out there for this.I appreciate this vid because of the open G and doesn't waste time on total beginner stuff. Come on guys he really does explain things quite a bit.

  8. Terry Dean Acoustic Coffee Covers

    It's a free video … don't complain — dig in and practice.
    basic 1-4-5 in open G best wishes.

  9. If your going to post a how to video, then you should explain every detail. The intro is a little hard to follow for beginners.

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