Horse with no name Beginner acoustic guitar lesson
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  1. Nice one, thank you, your teaching style is superb, thank you.

  2. Thank you! I am actually playing a song now!

  3. i played "Horse with No Name" and a girl undressed immediately…..

  4. Not the right cords

  5. I just started playing guitar as you do left-handed. Do you play any Spanish guitar and if so can you make some videos? Thank you, Chris

  6. nice lesson. Thank you.. Sir dont understand 6:2 ??

  7. Thanks for the lesson! But right now I just really want to watch the movie braveheart!!!

  8. Very good. But the song I believe is intended with up strums on E minor and so on… Gives it the off beat like the song if you listen carefully. Well done tho

  9. I'm a lefty – after seeing this I have just bought my first guitar – this is the first tune I've learned – THANKS!

  10. E MAYner?

  11. thanks its awseom i can do it and ï'm not god speaking english, great, 26 people dont have love in their lifes =)

  12. I love you.

  13. @IrishJohnBoy91 kurt cobain also did that

  14. scottish =)

  15. thanks so much! Just trying to get the hang of changing chords now 😛

  16. @IrishJohnBoy91
    if you are beginning to play guitar it isn´t relevant to learn left – handed course both hands are untrained.
    Sorry for myanswer if you are no beginner ;D

  17. I've only been playing for less than a year and can already play a few songs thanks to your easy to follow lessons. Great for when people ask me to play them a song. They're impressed!! Your lessons really do fast track learning. Thank you.

  18. Thanks, you've made it so simple as I am lefty too. I have just started playing! Great upload!

  19. this is not the best version man.

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