Horse with no name Beginner acoustic guitar lesson

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Horse with no name Beginner acoustic guitar lesson
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  1. Awesome Lesson!

  2. This is stupid easy, I've been looking for a real beginner song and this is the easiest I've found so far, it's one of my favourite songs too!

  3. Such a great song for me!I had to repeat that e minor strumming though but i managed to do it!.I'm an America die-hard even though i'm only 15 years old.Thanks for the lesson Mr.Marty!

  4. I wish you lived where I do Marty so I could take lessons directly!!!!!! Rick

  5. you are sooooo great at helping me be a better guitarist and you make it fun.

  6. For the second chord you taught, does the x mean you cover that string with your finger?

  7. Thank you so much

  8. Thank you. Never thought I could play a tune on a guitar. It is starting to come together. Good man thanks..

  9. Thanks for the work your putting in. Just ignore the pessimists and complainers . Great help thank you.Guitar Jamz…..

  10. all metal & hard rock

    is this just the intro or the whole song goes like this

  11. great video and very easy for beginners! Appreciate the help :)

  12. Marty schwartz sounds like a name from gta

  13. you're amazing dude lesson very much appreciated

  14. 13 and love this song

  15. I'm not so good with the down-ups so finger pick it instead.:D Thanks Marty for all your help :D

  16. I think I could easily remember that chord, Marty. Just call it "Doing it with a D-cup in the 69 position". 😉 hahaha

  17. Someone please help. I'm a brand newbie. He's using fingers 1 & 2 for Em, but on my Basic Guitar Chords sheet, it shows as using fingers 2&3 for Em. Which is correct? Thank you

  18. the outdoor headlines

    guys get off the video games god lol

  19. You're playing the chords in the wrong position.

  20. I like the ways u play the songs

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