Hosanna (Paul Baloche – A Greater Song) Electric Guitar Lesson

Hosanna (Paul Baloche - A Greater Song) Electric Guitar Lesson

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  1. Suzanne Fanton

    Hi, I cannot find your website, could you send me the tabs or tell me where to find them? Thanks for this video.

  2. Patrick Gesner

    Hey man- Great sound! What pickups are in your strat? Is it 500k or 25k Pots? Is the Morgan EL-84 or EL-34?

  3. Cameron Brooks

    Awesome thanks and great to have the website resources too.

  4. Are you using any compression or delay?

  5. Awesome job. I do wonder what effects you were using and the type of amp you were using and the settings on that, You absolutely nailed this song, and I gave it a like

  6. good job!

  7. angelica vesga

    Thanks ♥ Good video

  8. Philip M Thomas

    can u plz send the tabs for this song??

  9. Fantastic tutorial. Thanks also for taking the time to compile the tab and post it.  Much appreciated!

  10. Thank you for this 🙂  Great tutorial!

  11. can you please tab this out

  12. Love that Morgan amp! I play through a Dr Z Remedy. But anyways, sounds great man! God bless!

  13. what are the chord changes during the prechorus riff ???

  14. wow….loved it! where did you get the chords/tabs from? I really wanna learn it.

  15. Leanne Richardson

    Big help, thanks so much

  16. Key of G

  17. what key is this song in for lead ??

  18. Doug, not a stupid question at all! You would either move UP the neck 7 frets or DOWN the neck 5 frets. Since this song has different guitar licks that are all over the neck, you may have to move some licks up and others down. Good luck!

  19. Might be a stupid question but how would i transpose the tab for this from G to D? Love this video, learned a lot! God bless ya for doing this!!!

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