Hotel California-Guitar Solo-Lesson


  1. well done sir

  2. BJ McCoy Acoustics Acoustics

    great video man. I'm reminded by this video that the pentatonic scale saves my life when I don't know where to solo

  3. A lot of bending, also with the first finger. What strings are you using? 9th set or 10th set. Thanks!

  4. nice thx took a lot from this

  5. Excellent instructor! Thank you.

  6. Love this lesson, been learning for months thanks sm

  7. keith lightning Rogers

    Good lesson. Now I just have to put it all together. Joe Walsh's part seem to be the hardest to get right because he runs from one lick right into the next. :)

  8. Good God you put a fantastic video but very low sound dialogues cannot hear pl increase your volume when recording

  9. Anyone know where I can get replacement fingertips?

  10. Jerry Tùng Acoustic

    thankyou so much. Ser!

  11. people having trouble in lick 13 instead of bending high E you can play 19th fret and then prebend on 17th fret of B.

  12. Perfect, thanks

  13. My string broke……… D:

  14. Mark Doney-Mccloud

    Good stuff, do you guys not do any Jazz? didn't see reference to it on the site? but everything else cool!

  15. who are the morons who disliked this

  16. You teach well myaaan. Keep it Up!

  17. My high E string just exploded during the high D-to-E bend at 1:33 . Well then, I guess that the end of practice for today :(

  18. Amazing lesson. Love the idea of breaking down the solo into smaller licks. Makes it easier to learn, and also helps me when I'm doing improv.

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